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Conveyor belts are more and more widely used in the industrial/ agricultural fields. There are many kinds of conveyor belts with specified characteristics that suitable with different sectors. For example, the rubber conveyor belts, the plastic PVC conveyor belts, the fabric EP cores conveyor belts, the steel core conveyor belts, the rollers conveyors, etc.

Conveyor belts helped people save times and efforts very much when conveying goods, especially the heavy products. Moreover, when conveying in the lomg distance (>50-100 meters). The repeated conveying also made the staffs become boring. Therefore, the conveyor belts have the vital roles. Furthermore, in the hard working enbvironment like oil, heat, chemicals, toxic, etc. the conveyor belts can perform better than human being and eleminate.

Due to the conveying machine system, the productivity also increase.

Go beyond the country’s development, the automatic technology become more modern and be widely used. The auto conveyor belts will be added the controlling system with the inverter. Based on the continuously working without rest of the machine, the outputs are more and completed quicker. Thus, the price will be partly cheaper.

Indeed, the rubber conveyor belts have many kinds, the flat, chevron, oil resistance, heat, chemical, wear resistance, elevators, sidewalls, small spines conveyor belts, etc. each kind has their own functions.

Bach Tung JSC is the biggest distributor in Vietnam in supplying the conveyor belts and rollers. They are all directly imported from Japan, Thailand, Germany, etc. new 100% and new >90%. Due to processing at the factory, all conveyor belts of Bach Tung is beautiful, durable, high-quality, good performance, and not being shaken.

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