Admin 17/10/2018

Due to environmental problems, rubber conveyors after use are often reused for many purposes:

1. Make shoe soles

2. Toys

3. Sound insulation (studio, karaoke room, tea room, ...)

4. Floors of stables

5. Floors of stadium, gymnastics, athletics

6. The floor of the school’s gymnasium

7. Asphalt

8. Rubber mat, carpet

9. Anti-static floor (factory, company, factory)

10. Rubber molds

11. Blocking bullets walls

12. Bottom layers of grass carpet, or artificial grass

13. Pool area

14. Terrace

15. Using indoor or outdoor (construction company)

16. Colorful rubber coating for children's playground

17. Make a soccer field

18. Make the playground for children

19. Rubber floor

20. Rubber mulch (spread on the field)

The rubber is cut into shred or small granules shapes.

They are added color to make the carpet beautiful and eye-catching for children. The rubber is crushed into a super-small form like powder and then spreaded directly into the artificial grass of the soccer field. Due to the waterproofing properties and high elasticity, rubber can protect people from injuries, or against damages due to physical affects (high heat transfer make extension, or cracking asphalt). In addition, crumb of rubber is easy to work and friendly to environment while still providing aesthetic for installed space.

At present, Bach Tung JSC is:

• Distributing large amount of rubber

• Accepting orders on request

• Widely delivery

• Competitive price (original price from rubber conveyor belts that are imported directly from Japan)

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